The Rise of the Cloud-Based Company

Attracting & unleashing top talent in the new world of work

Increasingly, work happens not in a physical location, but in the cloud. Recently, everyone from Derek Thompson at The Atlantic to Emma Goldberg at The New York Times to Ben Horowitz at a16z has explored new models—and job titles—to help companies adapt to this seismic shift in how we work.

As we enter an unprecedented time for leaders—with a shift to remote work, the Great Resignation, and a looming downturn creating the perfect storm of challenges—it's never been more important to optimize how you attract, retain, and unleash your top talent, setting them up to thrive in this new cloud-based world of work.

Join us as we hear from leaders pioneering new models and approaches for the new cloud-based company: Justin Singh, Chief Transformation & Strategy Officer at McGraw Hill, Kim Rohrer, Head of Employe Experience at Oyster, and Raphael Ouzan, CEO at A.Team. Moderated by Samara Jaffe, Co-Founder & General Manager of HR Transform.

Monday, September 19th
12 pm ET / 9 am PT
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Justin Singh

Chief Transformation 
& Strategy Officer
McGraw Hill

Samara Jaffe

Co-Founder & GM
HR Transform

Raphael Ouzan

Founder & CEO

Kim Rohrer

Head of Employee Experience