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Event Marketing

Top Takeaways From Rebound: Helping Marketers Bounce Back

Anne Balistreri
min read
Event Marketing

Top Takeaways From Rebound: Helping Marketers Bounce Back

Anne Balistreri
min read

While so many people are experiencing layoffs in tech, marketing teams are among the largest hit groups.

Seeing wave after wave of layoff posts on LinkedIn made us ask ourselves what we could do for the marketing community. The answer was Rebound. 

Rebound brought together marketing leaders, mentors, employers, and job seekers on Welcome. It provided a safe and supportive environment for attendees to share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals and employers.

We weren't expecting nearly 1,000 people to register and hundreds to attend when we spun up the event. It's clear that a community of marketers like this is needed.

From how to navigate uncertainty to a candid conversation with marketing leaders in the space, here are the top takeaways from the event. Full replay of Rebound is available to watch here

When we experience job loss, it's personal. 

Career Coach Ebony Joyce highlighted that while businesses may see layoffs as just "business" for employees, it is very personal. Often, we define ourselves by our jobs, and when we lose them, it can feel like we are losing a part of ourselves.

However, it's important to remember that our job titles do not define who we are as individuals. While it may be the first thing we mention when someone asks us about ourselves, we are much more than our work. Joyce says we need to detach ourselves from our job titles and remember that our worth as human beings is not tied to our employment status.

Instead, we should focus on our personal qualities, passions, and interests. Job loss can be a difficult and trying time, but it is also an opportunity to explore new possibilities and find a new path that aligns with our values and goals.

So, while moving on from a job loss may be challenging, remember that your job does not define you. Your identity is much deeper than any job title, and with determination and perseverance, you can find a new path that brings you fulfillment and happiness.

Consider different career paths within the same area of focus.

Many people tend to stick to what they have always done in the past, so they believe they have to continue doing the same thing, even if they are considering a change.

However, people can leverage their existing skills and experience to explore different career paths within the same area of focus. 

So many skills in marketing are transferable, and just because you've been focused in one area for 20 years doesn't mean you can't switch to another. 

You can either jump into the driver's seat or go on autopilot. Joyce recommends that people take the time to pause and reflect on what they truly want to do next in their careers rather than simply going on autopilot. 

Take control of your career and make intentional decisions about your next steps. 

Joyce wrapped up her session with 5 tangible tips for job seekers:

#1 Put Your Best Foot Forward (On Linkedin & Your Resume)

In today's job market, the competition is fiercer than ever, and hiring managers and recruiters are inundated with applications. That's why it's crucial to make sure your documents stand out from the crowd and speak directly to the people reviewing them. Take the time and effort to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific role and company you're applying for.

#2 Grow Your Circle. Reach out & build your network. 

The word networking can feel gross to some, but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead, think of it as relationship building. Building relationships can be especially important for job seekers, and there's no better time to start than now. Whether it's communicating to your current network that you're on the job market or reaching out to new people, building relationships can be a key factor in landing your next job. Throw out the idea of networking as a transactional activity and instead focus on building genuine relationships.

#3 Leverage Your Time. Create a plan & stick with it.

To effectively job search and leverage your time, it's important to pace yourself and use your time intentionally. Avoid the temptation to apply for a high volume of jobs in a short amount of time, as this can lead to a lack of tailoring in your resume and other application materials and burnout. Instead, it's important to spread out your time and focus on building relationships with individuals and tailoring your materials to each job. 

#4 Take Care of Yourself. Prioritize your well-being. 

When you're unemployed, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have endless time, only to feel like the walls are closing in suddenly. To avoid this feeling, taking care of yourself is important by seeking out self-care activities like going for walks, volunteering, and spending time with family & friends. Creating a sense of normalcy in your life can help maintain your mental health and avoid feeling overwhelmed. It can also positively impact your job search, as it can help you maintain a positive attitude and keep your energy levels up.

#5 Stay The Course. Don't give up, keep at it!

You may incur some challenges and not find a job right away. It's important to stay focused and optimistic, evaluate what's working and what's not, and pivot your approach accordingly. Utilize relationships, reach out to recruiters and hiring managers, and make tweaks to resumes and interview techniques. You will ultimately find the right role with perseverance and a willingness to make adjustments. 

Panel Discussion

The panel session featured appearances by three highly respected marketing leaders with personal & work experience to back up their insights. 

Jenn Steele – CEO at Kissmetrics

Kate Adams – SVP of Marketing at Validity

MK Getler-Porizkova - CMO of Loop & Tie

Moderator and Co-founder of Welcome, Roberto Ortiz, opened up the talk with the key question that many people are trying to connect the dots with, which is, how did we get here in the first place? 

Why are layoffs happening right now?

All three panelists shared that they believe the instability in the economy and layoffs in tech is a correction in the market due to the exponential growth in 2020. 

How are marketing leaders thinking about hiring in today's landscape?

Want an inside look at how these marketing leaders approach hiring during this time of restraint? Find out how the panelists are navigating lean teams and what they're specifically looking for in candidates.

How to stand out as a candidate in this job market?

In a competitive job market, standing out amongst the numerous applicants can be challenging. In this part of the conversation, the panelists discuss ways to make a strong impression during the application and interview process. 

What company stage should you join, and what to look for?

Companies go through all different phases, and there are differences between how early startups function vs. later-stage startups. The panelists discuss risk factors for each phase and what to look out for before joining a company.

Get more highlights and watch the full presentations

Watch the full presentation from Rebound, and stay tuned for Rebound 2.0!

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