Open Doors is a LIVE virtual marketing community where you can have REAL conversations with peers and experts. Whether you're looking for advice, networking opportunities, resources, or just want to hangout with some peers, this is the venue for you.

So kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, and join us each month to share and learn from marketers like you.

Our doors are open and all marketers are welcome.

This Event Series will resume in January 2024

Less talking at you, more talking with you.

Open Doors is a community that values authentic conversations, prioritizing real-time interactions over threads.

Friends of Welcome

Friends of Welcome

Our friends will be jumping into our lounge rooms to join the conversations.

Whether its to share thoughts on current trends and market conditions, or help you solve some marketing challenges you're encountering today- we're here to chat.

Join the conversation live.


Ann Handley Newsletter

Every two weeks Ann sends out a (literal) letter about things she's doing and things she believes are worth sharing. She'll be sharing new writing tips, useful marketing ideas, fresh thoughts, and some high-spirited shenanigans—delivered direct from Ann to your inbox. It arrives early Sunday morning. It’s free. And 100% spam-free. Unsubscribe whenever you want.

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StillHiring.Today Job Board

A Corp Bro creation, Keyplay enriched, community-sourced, no-pay-to-play, ungated, BS-free, list of tech companies who are still ACTUALLY hiring.

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Lavender is free for all job seekers for as long as it takes to land your next job. Lavender's AI tool can help you stand out in a hiring manager's inbox, when crafting a cover letter, or when writing a DM to that 3rd connection on LinkedIn. Use it to get the job you deserve.

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All In Community

All In is a FREE career-focused community for in-house marketers, like you. Unlike other groups, we believe that the only way to go all in on your career, is to go all in on yourself. Together, we'll explore building a career you're proud of by becoming a person you’re proud of.

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DEMAND Community

The DEMAND Community is the place for demand gen marketers to connect, learn and grow. Take advantage of our templates channel, roundtables and masterclasses to step your game up and be mentored by the top marketers out there.

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Less talking at you, more talking with you.

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