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Welcome's Next Evolution: Webinars and Content at Scale

Roberto Ortiz
Co-founder & CEO
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Today, we're proud to introduce the content creation side of our technology, making Welcome the first ever all-in-one webinar and content creation platform.

As a company, our core strengths have always been in design and data. However, as we journeyed with our customers, we realized they had many more problems they wanted to solve beyond just a beautiful and engaging experience. The platform had to be smart, save them time, and directly help them drive revenue.

So, we re-architected our platform. We invested in deeper integrations and automation with MarTech platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo. We optimized performance and scale to ensure it's reliable. And finally, we streamlined the ease of creating captivating experiences by incorporating baked-in design and engagement capabilities, making it easy for marketing teams to host experiences their attendees love.

However, our conviction grew deeper because we knew we could tangibly help our customers achieve even better results by unlocking the power of their webinars and scaling their video content.

The power of video in business is undeniable, and members on social media platforms like LinkedIn are 20x more likely to share and engage with videos than other types of posts. Video has truly become the most effective medium for driving marketing goals, generating leads, and increasing conversions more than any other content type.

At the end of the day people want to connect with people, and webinars are the best way for that to happen at scale. It enables companies to create space for meaningful experiences with prospects and customers. Long-form interaction and live conversations allow for genuine connections, but short-form video is what drives reach and 85% of marketers say it's their highest-ROI format.

That's why we're helping our customers do both.

Until now, the process of creating these videos from webinars has been expensive and time-consuming, requiring marketing teams to sift through the entire webinar and coordinate several rounds of manual video editing. By the time a video is posted on social media, a week or more has often passed.

Now, as soon as a webinar ends, Welcome's Content Creator uses an AI-powered algorithm to extract and format the top moments. The result is a library of highly produced clips, transcripts, and draft posts optimized for social media performance. From there, a marketer can use our native video editing capabilities to make any final adjustments. Just like that, marketing teams have distribution-ready content at their fingertips ready to share. 

Drive revenue,
scale content,
and save money.

Just like that.

The power of video in connecting people, building community, and driving business outcomes is tremendous. We're thrilled to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and we can't wait to see what our customers will create with the new all-in-one Welcome platform.

If you want to learn more about Content Creator sign up here, and if you're ready to see a full product demo we'd love to show you around!

Thank you for reading!


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