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"Welcome has been a game-changer and has helped us scale from 2,000 to over 50,000 registrants"

"Welcome has been a game-changer and has helped us scale from 2,000 to over 50,000 registrants"

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"We're always looking for ways to amplify our impact, and Welcome has played a pivotal role in this pursuit. Its ability to create beautiful interactive experiences has not only elevated our events but also significantly enhanced our outreach and community building efforts"

Cameron Ripley, CEO - Community Boost


Community Boost, a premier full-service nonprofit digital marketing agency, has been at the forefront of empowering mission-focused organizations through high-impact digital marketing.

With a decade-long legacy, they've recently ventured into harnessing the power of virtual events to further their mission.


As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, Community Boost faced the pressing need to help their customers embrace a digital-first approach. Launching the Nonprofit Marketing Summit to equip nonprofits for the digital era, they initially turned to platforms like Zoom.

However, they soon encountered significant limitations.

Zoom's basic integrations fell short in providing a seamless experience, its engagement features were too rudimentary for complex events, and planning features were insufficient for organizing large-scale, multifaceted gatherings.

These constraints hindered their ability to create dynamic and interactive virtual events, essential for their growing ambitions and increasing attendee numbers.

Solution Implemented

Seeking a platform that could overcome these challenges, Community Boost discovered Welcome. This transition was transformative.

Welcome offered advanced integration capabilities, enabling a seamless connection with other tools and services. Its robust engagement features, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and interactive lounges, brought a new level of interactivity to their events. Moreover, Welcome's Agenda Builder allowed for the meticulous organization of large-scale events with ease.

This set of tools was instrumental in not only meeting but exceeding the needs of their event strategy, and elevating the Nonprofit Marketing Summit to new heights of success and engagement.


Over 15,000 Live Participants

Over 50,000 registrations over two events with record breaking attendance rates and conversions.

Favorite FeaturE


Agenda Builder takes the pressure off by enabling you to design, build, and organize your entire event before going live.


Scaling to 50K Registrants

Community Boost has built a reputation on hosting world class online experiences with Welcome, positioning them as a leader in their sector.

"We actually broke a landing page with TOO MANY demo requests by putting a CTA button right on the stage!"

Candance Cody, Director of Events, Community Boost


Community Boost's success story underscores the power of adapting and embracing digital solutions like Welcome to not only meet the moment but also to set new standards in engaging and empowering mission-focused organizations worldwide.

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