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"We tried using Slido and Slack for engagement, but it was all very clunky until we switched over to Welcome"

"We tried using Slido and Slack for engagement, but it was all very clunky until we switched over to Welcome"

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“We definitely got platform feedback and it was overwhelmingly positive. We heard a lot of times that this was the most inclusive that our virtual folks had felt."

Cory Neal, Stack Overflow


When Stack Overflow, a renowned online community for developers, decided to host their annual company-wide gathering as a hybrid event, they sought a platform that was inclusive, intuitive, and capable of handling a large scale event. The goal was to unite a global team in a single, cohesive experience – and that's where Welcome stepped in.


Planning and executing a successful hybrid event presented several challenges for Stack Overflow. They had to ensure remote participants felt included, create efficient Q&A sessions, and provide a user-friendly experience that needed no explanation. The most crucial aspect was the seamless integration of virtual and in-person interactions.

Solution Implemented

Welcome's platform proved to be the perfect solution for Stack Overflow's needs. Its easy-to-use interface required no tutorial videos or extensive guidance, allowing attendees to dive right into the event. The platform’s inclusive features like closed captioning and the ability to display questions on the screen made remote participants feel included and engaged.


650+ People

The event successfully hosted 500 in-person attendees and engaged around 150 remote participants.


200+ Questions

The interactive nature of the event led to the generation of over 200 questions, indicating high levels of participant interaction.



Post-event surveys showed overwhelmingly positive feedback for the platform's intuitiveness and inclusivity.

"I've got nothing but positive reviews. It was intuitive, it was easy. If there was something I didn't know how to figure out, I could reach out and I got an answer within minutes."

Jill Ciaccia, Stack Overflow


With Welcome, Stack Overflow didn't just host a successful event. They created a more inclusive, engaging, and dynamic experience for all participants, setting a new standard for their future gatherings.

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