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Rebound. Helping Marketers Bounce Back

Rebound is an event for marketing professionals impacted by layoffs and economic uncertainty. Hear from experts, network with peers, and participate in interactive mentor sessions with marketing leaders. Our goal is to create a supportive community where attendees can find resources, connections, and advice to help them navigate the job market. Join us!

Recession-Proof Marketing: Innovating How Marketers Work While Building Trust With Buyers

Join a discussion with Latane Conant, CMO of 6sense, and Amanda Malko, CMO of G2, as they share their insights on 2023 predictive buying behavior and ways we can target high-intent buyers smarter in a time when budgets are tighter.

Transform Your Pipeline with Human Marketing Experiences

It’s easy to target a buyer as “information” such as a company, title, or qualified opp, and forget that they are human beings. Successful B2B experiences must be frictionless, persona-led, fueled by data, and human-centric across the entire customer journey. Join leaders from Sendoso, Rollworks, and Marco Experiences as they discuss how they successfully humanize the customer experience at their organizations.

Experience Welcome

A webinar and content creation platform designed for marketers to drive revenue and generate distribution-ready content at scale.