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Announcing: CTA Overlays and Pinned CTA Cards

Anne Balistreri
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Today's a great day for marketers! Welcome just released two awesome new features that help extend the connection with your audience beyond the webinar — CTA Overlays and CTA Pinned Cards. These new additions compel attendees to take action with your content or get in touch with you at the click of a button. Read on to learn how these features enhance engagement with prospective customers and help steer them closer toward conversion.

CTA Overlays

webinar cta button

When we say Welcome provides an unmatched attendee experience, we mean it. CTA Overlays offer an entirely new way to create and display call-to-action buttons that encourage engagement, get noticed, and look sleek.

You can use two different types of CTA Overlays in your presentation. 

Create eye-catching CTA buttons or scannable QR codes to encourage attendees to take action. Showcase your valuable resources—from case studies to product brochures and make it simple for attendees to demo or sign up for upcoming events. Whether your attendees are in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage of the buyer's journey, use this new feature to create the appropriate call to action. Check out some examples below:

Customizing Your CTA

Forget about basic CTA buttons, this new feature allows you to tailor each CTA for maximum impact. Customize your CTAs from placement and color to whether the desired destination is a link or just an intent signal to follow up with the attendee after the show.

custom webinar cta

CTA Pinned Cards

Once your CTA Overlay pushes to the stage, Welcome will automatically display your CTA in the Public Chat in a card format. Producers can pin the CTA Card to Chat, making it easy to find throughout the webinar and giving your attendees two different ways to interact with your content or contact form. 

webinar CTA examples

CTA Analytics

Adding your CTA to the stage is the first part; next, you want to be able to track the clicks. Without analytics, producers would be left in the dark trying to decipher event data and attendee intent signals. All CTA data, whether displayed as an overlay or pinned card in Chat, is captured and shown in your Event Dashboard Analytics – making every click and conversion easily tracked. 

webinar cta analytics

The point of your CTA is to get noticed, and drive conversions, so don't settle for basic CTA functionality. Increase conversions and ROI from your webinars and encourage attendees to take the next step in the buyer's journey. Easily understand your audience's interests and intent using our state-of-the-art CTA capabilities. Plus, they look pretty slick, right?

Get started

For Welcome customers, CTA Overlays are now available in Stage Kit. When using Agenda Builder, Stage Kit shows up after you click "Add to Session"

how to create webinar CTA in Welcome platform

You can learn more about the new feature in our Call-to-Action Guide. If you're not a customer but would like to see CTA Overlays in action, sign up for a demo.


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