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Announcing Agenda Builder: Create Jaw-Dropping Webinars – Fast!

Anne Balistreri
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Since day one, we have strived to be the best platform to create and host jaw-dropping webinars and virtual events. And while a lot has changed in the industry since our first launch, our goal hasn't.

Recently, we've been busy working on a new feature to give marketers better and faster ways to create captivating events. A feature that allows everyone to design and host jaw-dropping webinars that engage and convert. Today, we're excited to announce a new way of creating your virtual event or webinar with Agenda Builder. 

Agenda builder is a powerful new way to build your entire virtual event from where you create your agenda. Instead of relying on a graphic designer and event producer to create and run the presentation, you can quickly design and structure your event by creating and drag-and-dropping webinar sessions and assets right from the side panel. The new tool instantly generates an agenda that auto-updates as you move sessions around, even after the event has started. And allows multiple creators to collaborate to build and produce your event in real time – if you want an extra hand. 

With Agenda Builder you can easily create and manage your webinars from start to finish. We’ve simplified the creation process so you can focus on what’s important: delivering an amazing presentation that will wow your audience. 

“Welcome makes other webinar platforms look like the 1990’s”

- Nate Skinner, CMO at Onfido

What can you do with Agenda Builder?

We’ve included all the functionality you need to create the best webinar experience with the least amount of lift. 

Automated Agenda. As you break up your webinar into sessions, an agenda is instantly generated for your attendees, and the agenda overlay automatically updates.

Branded Assets Defaults. Brand live videos with pre-made design assets like static and animated backgrounds, layouts, custom fonts, countdown videos, and name tags. 

Enhanced Asset Management. Drag and drop assets to quickly rearrange your event’s sequence of actions. Rename assets and make direct edits to Welcome overlays. Duplicate and delete assets for quicker event setup.

Poll Defaults. Ready-made poll questions are now available to be added to your virtual event or webinar.

Cue Notes. Use simple, editable notes to build out your run of show for yourself or for fellow producers. Color code them to represent specific actions or add links to other websites.

Agenda Builder is another huge step in our goal to make professionally designed webinars easy to create and host. It takes the guesswork out of event creation with expertly designed and branded layouts and engagement tools. It helps empower individuals, teams, and leaders within your organization to create and run highly-produced webinars and events with ease. Plus the end result, just makes your brand look good. If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine what a compelling live video would go for.


Get started

For Welcome customers, Agenda Builder is now available in your event dashboard. Try it out by clicking the drop-down arrow in the left-hand corner. The Agenda view is optional, so you can continue to use the Legacy view if you prefer.

You can learn more about the new feature in our documentation. If you’re not a customer but would like to see Agenda Builder in action, sign up for a demo.

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