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Stage Kit 2.0: Now evolved with dynamic, auto-branded assets for your virtual events!

Anne Balistreri
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We’re excited to launch Stage Kit 2.0 – the next evolution of Stage Kit via on-demand, dynamic tools that enable users to spin up auto-branded events in a flash. 

If your organization works like most, multiple people within the company need to create content, presentations and have a need to host a variety of different virtual events and company meetings. 

But, ensuring everything created to represent the company is on-brand can be tough to communicate across the org. Even more difficult, is enforcing brand consistency since most employees aren’t designers. 

Brand guidelines make sure that anyone creating content for your business will stay on-brand. This means colors and logos all look the same. However, we know that even if an organization has brand guidelines to adhere to, it can still take a considerable amount of time and design resources to brand all your events within a virtual event platform

That is until we released this evolution of stage kit! We’re helping the bottleneck in the content creation process by allowing users to easily brand their live events with pre-made elements, layouts, name tags, and backgrounds (animated and static). 

What makes this so special?

It’s on-brand. This one is a bit self-explanatory, but your whole organization can maintain brand consistency easily without putting in the extra effort. Every background, countdown, transition, and name tag will have your brand colors. Automatically.

It’s resourceful. It saves time & design resources by using branded assets already built within the Welcome Platform.

It’s simple. Pre-made design elements allow you to spin up professional-looking events quickly. 

It’s non-designer friendly. It allows everyone in the organization, not just designers, to create beautiful on-brand events with ease.

The Details

Branded Name Tags

Do name tags matter? Of course! Adding graphics to your live stream adds a certain level of polish and professionalism to your content. Name tags introducing your speakers or lower-thirds providing information for what’s happening on-screen is crucial for context-setting. Welcome now auto-populates name tags with your brand colors, so when your speakers hit the stage, they’re name is immediately displayed.

Branded Q&A Prompts

The ability for the audience to ask questions throughout the event or meeting is an expected feature and one that most virtual event platforms have. However, Welcome takes a unique approach and offers a more personal experience that closely emulates an in-person question and answer exchange where attendees can be brought on-stage to ask questions. Stage Kit 2.0 now takes Q&A a step further by offering branded Q&A prompts that display the audience’s questions in your brand colors and templated background. 

Branded Animated & Static Backgrounds

Another way to get a consistent brand look is to standardize the background behind your speakers. The updated Stage Kit includes animated and static backgrounds that use your brand’s primary colors. Now, you can select from a variety of different options that will be automatically displayed during your event. 

Branded Countdown Clocks

Letting the audience know exactly when the event will start and when the next session will begin are two situations where a session timer comes in handy. Use the branded timers to set countdown times and easily drop them into the run-of-show to give the audience a heads up on when your event will begin or create buffers between sessions.

Or use them as transitions between sessions or at the end of your event.

Get Started with Stage Kit 2.0

If you’re a Welcome customer you can start auto-branding your virtual events and meetings today. If you’re interested in learning more about Stage Kit and how Welcome can power your next event, book a demo today.

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