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Evolve '23 Session #2 Recap – Navigating the Cookie Apocalypse: Rand Fishkin's Measurable Strategies

Roseline Kapongo
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Navigating the Cookie Apocalypse: Rand Fishkin's Measurable Strategies

Embracing Change Amidst the Cookie Apocalypse: Insights from Rand Fishkin

The second session of Evolve '23 featured Rand Fishkin, co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, a seasoned marketing expert and passionate advocate for democratizing market research. Rand has dedicated his career to helping businesses understand their target audiences through various channels, including his book 'Lost and Founder,' speaking engagements, and video tutorials. He brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to the discussion, highlighting the need for marketers to evolve their strategies or be left behind.

The Inevitable Evolution of Marketing

Rand began his session by stressing that marketers must adapt and change with the times to stay relevant. The demise of tracking cookies is fast approaching, and clinging to outdated strategies will only lead to failure. It's clear that marketers who acknowledge this reality and respond proactively will be better positioned to succeed in the new marketing landscape.

Why Cutting Ads Can Improve Results

In a surprising turn, Rand discussed how big brands actually saw improved results when they cut their advertising efforts. He explained that while ads can nudge potential customers to make that final purchasing decision, not seeing an ad won't necessarily prevent someone from choosing a specific brand. This observation emphasizes the need to create strong and resilient brands that don't solely rely on advertising to drive success.

The Power of Building a Brand that Resonates

Rand encouraged marketers to actively build brands that people genuinely love and resonate with, as this creates a loyal customer base and a low customer acquisition cost. These efforts may be challenging to attribute directly to success, but their impact is unquestionably measurable.

"If you can invest in building a brand people prefer and doing so with a low cost of customer acquisition in a hard-to-attribute but measurable ways. You will win." - Rand Fishkin

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