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Event Marketing

Evolve 23: Event Recap, Takeaways, and Content Creator Breakthrough

Roseline Kapongo
min read
Event Marketing

Evolve 23: Event Recap, Takeaways, and Content Creator Breakthrough

Roseline Kapongo
min read

Evolve 23: Event Recap, Takeaways, and Content Creator Breakthrough

Evolve 23, the highly anticipated marketing event sponsored by: Real Thread, Wizards of Ops, LeanData, Lavender,, Loop & Tie, Drift, Active Campaign, Animalz,, and Tidbyt, recently took place on June 8th and exceeded expectations with insightful sessions, expert-led breakout discussions, and the unveiling of a game-changing new AI tool for marketers. Read on to discover key takeaways and learn why content creators are raving about the groundbreaking features launched during Evolve 23.

Helping Marketers Evolve in an Ever Changing Market

Three keynote sessions by industry-leading experts unveiled powerful strategies to improve and transform marketing efforts:

1. Cutting Through the Noise: Scaling Creative with Melissa Rosenthal

The first session, led by Melissa Rosenthal, Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, explored the challenges of scaling creativity and breaking through the noise in today's saturated market. Rosenthal offered practical tips for leveraging small teams and creative content to engage audiences and differentiate brands effectively.

2. Navigating the Cookie Apocalypse: Rand Fishkin's Measurable Strategies

In the second session, Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-founder of SparkToro, provided an in-depth analysis of the "cookie apocalypse" and its implications for marketing attribution. Fishkin discussed innovative approaches to measuring marketing efforts and optimizing strategies even without traditional tracking cookies.

4. Unleashing the Power of Brand Positioning: April Dunford's Insights

April Dunford's engaging session on brand positioning shed light on the critical role it plays in successful marketing and selling. With real-world examples and actionable steps, Dunford helped marketers understand the essence of positioning and refining their messaging for a lasting impact.

Diving Deeper: Breakout Sessions for Targeted Learning

Evolve 23 offered a diverse range of breakout sessions tailored to specific marketing challenges and interests:

  1. "Edutainment as a Growth Strategy" with Tim Davidson
  2. "Customer Retention in Uncertain Times" with Kevin Lau
  3. "Shifting from Random Acts of Content to a Focused Content Strategy" with Sara Stella Latanzio
  4. "Transformative Marketing Tactics" with Liz Shovlin
  5.  "The Art of Marketing Yourself" with Brianna Doe
  6. "Creative Film Marketing for B2B" with Nick Fabiano

These "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) style sessions offered participants the chance to explore their specific challenges and receive immediate, practical insights for improving their marketing strategies.. 

Exciting Giveaways and Contests: Rewards for Engaged Attendees

Evolve 23 also featured a few thrilling contests and giveaways for attendees. Everyone who participated had the chance to walk away with an exclusive prize, creating a fun atmosphere and reward for their engagement:

  • Four lucky attendees won a free Tidbyt, thanks to our generous sponsor.
  • Every participant received a complimentary EVOLVE 23 t-shirt, perfect for showing off their attendance to the marketing community.
  • One fortunate attendee walked away with a whopping $500 prize, as part of our #joinusatevolve contest, making their experience at the event even more memorable and rewarding.

Introducing Content Creator: An Innovational AI Tool for Marketers

The grand unveiling of Content Creator, an AI-powered tool for capturing and sharing event highlights, was met with resounding excitement. This cutting-edge feature empowers marketers to:

  • Automatically generate noteworthy clips and highlights, complete with suggested titles and brand-specific styling.
  • Clip and transcribe event moments in mere minutes, producing high-quality shareable content.
  • Quickly locate keywords within their events and transcribe relevant segments directly on the platform.
  • Create distribution-ready clips for a seamless social media experience or on-demand recording.

For marketing event organizers, Content Creator is a game-changer, making it easier than ever to amplify reach and maximize exposure.

Don't miss out on the exclusive knowledge and transformative tools shared at Evolve 23. Watch the event on-demand here.

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