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Evolve '23 Session #1 Recap - Scaling Creative with Melissa Rosenthal: Cutting Through the Noise

Roseline Kapongo
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Scaling Creative with Melissa Rosenthal: Cutting Through the Noise

Infusing Creativity into B2B Marketing: How Melissa Rosenthal Breaks the Mold

Last week at Evolve '23, we had the privilege of hearing from Melissa Rosenthal, Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, who shared her insights on how to effectively scale creative efforts in a crowded B2B software market. Melissa, known for her exceptional creative work at BuzzFeed and Cheddar, brought her expertise in driving growth and brand recognition to the stage, providing valuable and actionable takeaways for all attendees.

The Power of Brand Investment and Creativity

A key theme of Melissa's session was the importance of investing in your brand as a core form of marketing. Rather than focusing solely on traditional B2B messaging, she urged attendees to inject creativity into every facet of their marketing efforts, from email sequences to the product itself. By breaking the mold and daring to create entertaining content, businesses can tell a compelling story that resonates with their target audience.

Humanizing and Aligning Creative Content

Melissa emphasized the power of humanizing creative content, sharing how ClickUp shifted its focus to efficiency and making noise in the market with digital billboards that act as 'always on' campaigns. Employing humor and consistently aligning brand messaging with current events, ClickUp's creative team successfully creates engaging and viral-worthy ad campaigns on a budget.

Maximizing Results with Limited Resources

In a world where many marketing teams face budget constraints, Melissa provided a solution by challenging attendees to "do more with less." She argued that successful creative marketing doesn't require an enormous team; instead, a small, committed group can test, learn, and scale what works. Her team at ClickUp, for example, has created songs to release new features, illustrating the infusion of creativity in all aspects of their marketing strategy.

"Why can't B2B content be entertaining and still tell a story that will sell it to your end buyer?" - Melissa Rosenthal

Melissa Rosenthal's session at Evolve '23 showcased the transformative potential of creative marketing strategies in the B2B space. Her insights and experiences offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to stand out in today's competitive business landscape. If you missed the live session or would like to revisit the insights, don't worry – we've got you covered!  Watch Melissa's full session now available On-Demand!

Watch Melissa's Session On-Demand on Welcome

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