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Storytelling + AI: Embracing AI to Create Strong Narrative

Roseline Kapongo
min read

Harnessing the Power of AI in Marketing:  Threat or Opportunity?

The advent of AI in marketing has opened a Pandora's box of existential questions that B2B content creators wrestle with daily. Does the rise of AI spell doom for our creativity, expertise, and professional relevance? Or does it represent a golden opportunity for growth and innovation? The answer lies in the marketer's perspective, in their willingness to understand, adapt, and most importantly, leverage this potent multiplier.

Steering Through the AI Storm: Insights from the Experts

Witness a stimulating and thoughtful dialogue shared by Lionel Mohri, Intuit's Chief of Storytelling & Experiences, and Michelle Taite, CMO at Intuit Mailchimp, as they delve into the complexities of AI and marketing. 

Embracing AI and its Infinite Possibilities

Navigate through your inhibitions and hesitations to embrace the true potential of AI. Uncover how to use AI as a powerful brainstorming partner that enables the creation of innovative narratives and assists in quick draft generation and iterations.

Leveling the Playing Field

Explore how AI, when harnessed responsibly, can help democratize the talent pool and not just restrict the creation of engaging narratives to a select few.

Moderated by Jena Andres, the Head of Partnerships & Community, this panel discussion aims to venture deep into these pressing topics.

AI and Storytelling: A Budding Relationship

Today AI is not just a far-flung fantasy of sci-fi enthusiasts—it's here and now. And its robust presence and extensive penetration across domains are not just rewriting the rules, but also shaping new paradigms. The task at hand is to overcome apprehensions, dispel pre-conceived notions, step out of our comfort zones, and welcome AI as not just a tool but an ally - a catalyst that aids and enhances creativity across the B2B marketing landscape.

The Future Awaits: Embracing the AI Revolution

As you begin to see the mammoth opportunities AI offers in content creation and storytelling, it's time to embark further on your AI comprehension. 

Dive into the enriching and enlightening recording of Storytelling + AI: Embracing AI to Create Strong Narrative event. 

Just remember: Whilst AI can generate content and help with data analysis, it in no way can replace the human ability to understand emotions and create meaningful connections. The craft of storytelling, after all, is at its core intrinsically human. Marketers, take heart, for the essence of your craft is irreplaceable, even in an AI-dominant world.

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