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The All-Hands Playbook

Employee expectations have changed. People want a work experience that prioritizes flexibility, equity, and connection, more than ever before. With a whopping 63% of employees "wishing they heard from company leadership" more regularly (according to IBM), what can leaders do to create a more unified company culture?

Enter, the all-hands meeting: one part staff meeting, one part Q&A, and one part work party. When executed well, virtual all-hands have the potential to align, connect, and celebrate team members in a way that reaffirms the best that your company has to offer.

In this nifty playbook, you’ll find everything you need to produce all-hands meetings that will take company culture and employee engagement to the next level.

What's inside

  • Why we think virtual all-hands can outperform in-person meetings
  • Five must-haves for producing jaw-dropping, company-wide gatherings
  • Essential tech tips for replicating a virtual all-hands in a hybrid environment
  • How companies like Brex and Dribbble use all-hands to take employee engagement to the next level
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Screenshot from the Brex all hands

See how Brex is using Welcome to host unbelievably good all-hands meetings.

“Since incorporating Welcome into our all-hands meetings, our employee satisfaction surveys have shown that 85% of our employees feel more connected with the company and each other.”

Photo of June from Brex

June Sauvaget
CMO at Brex

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Engage your team

Ramp up the recognition and reinforce your culture. Bring people together in the Lounge & Breakout rooms, pull team members on stage for live Q&As, or snap a team selfie in your company-branded photo booth.

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“The best NPS score I’ve ever had across online and offline events.”

Photo of Jessica

Jessica Greenhalgh
Head of Community & Events

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Direct the show yourself

Produce spectacular internal meetings with ease—at a fraction of the effort (and cost). With Welcome, you’ve got all the tools in one place to produce a high-quality experience.

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“As we’re planning our next hybrid all-hands event, rather than paying a production company $165K, I was able to bring down their cost to $45K with Welcome.”

Photo of Melissa

Melissa Dreuth
Chief of Staff and Head of People

A screenshot of the Stage Kit feature in Welcome

Measure and adapt

Our dashboards and analytics allow you to see who joined, as well as when and where your employees interacted across your event. Identify your most engaged employees and get real-time feedback with our interactive polling feature.

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“Welcome comes very close to being the one-size-fits-all platform because it has so many capabilities. It’s the most intuitive virtual event platform that empowers us to produce an event without a physical control room.”

Photo of Jitter

Jitter Garcia
Head of Event Marketing

A screenshot of the analytics dashboard in Welcome