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Event Marketing

Optimize Your Virtual Events with Welcome's New Analytics Dashboard

Anne Balistreri
min read
Event Marketing

Optimize Your Virtual Events with Welcome's New Analytics Dashboard

Anne Balistreri
min read

At Welcome, we know how important it is for customers to understand the return on investment of their events as easily as possible. To do this, you not only need accurate analytics, but you also need the ability to understand the analysis quickly. 

With the new Analytics at a Glance Dashboard, your audience engagement and other data insights are visualized in a simple Event Report Card. Now, you can easily gauge how attendees received your event and what their true level of engagement was. 

So, what kind of engagement indicators can you track? Analytics at a Glance captures:

  • Average time spent at the event
  • Average number of engagements per attendee
  • Conversion from invited to the event to engaged at the event
  • Breakdown of how attendees engaged
  • Engagement of attendees over time
  • Engagement of attendees by session

Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what this means for your events.

See how long attendees stay at your event or webinar

With the Event Report Card, you can now see the average time attendees spent at the event as well as their attendance over time. This metric helps event organizers understand at what point during the event attendees may have started to drop. It can also help you pinpoint which speakers resonated with your audience or what type of content was a miss. 

Know when to introduce new methods of engagement

Now you can also take cues from your webinar or event's engagement report to pump up participation and keep your attendees’ attention at just the right moment. A little extra effort in your next run of show could make a huge difference. 

If you see a dip in engagement during a particular time period, try mixing up the run of show by inserting a real-time poll, encouraging audience participation in the chat, bringing an audience member on stage, or breaking out attendees into smaller groups to encourage meaningful discussion. 

Use the engagement report to your advantage and pinpoint where your event could use some extra love. 

Determine which session was most successful

The session engagement data tells you how many people attended a unique session and the level of the session's engagement.  When looking at this data, you can get a good idea of which sessions or speakers resonated the most with the audience and which resonated the least. Digging deeper into the chat, Q&A, and polling analytics can still be done, but the Engagement Over Time Session Data is a great place to quickly see how sessions performed overall. 

Then use this data strategically during post-event follow-ups. Highlight top sessions and presenters in emails and think about creating a follow-up asset or webinar on the most popular topic or product discussed. Going forward, use your best engagement numbers as your benchmark targets for your next event. 

Measure overall event success

In the world of virtual events, the ability to captivate your audience is the cornerstone of a successful event. Luckily, with Analytics at a Glance, all the engagement metrics you care about are collected in an easily digestible report. 

In addition to audience engagement, the report captures conversions throughout the event funnel. Now you can see how many attendees you invited, how many registered, how many attended, and how many engaged in one simple bar chart.

Track these metrics for every event to establish a benchmark and see changes in your performance over time. You’ll discover exactly what kind of content is hitting the mark with your crowd. 

About Welcome

From event analytics to our state-of-the-art production studio, Welcome’s features add up to a truly exceptional virtual experience platform. Our all-in-one event and webinar platform works seamlessly for an event of any size and delivers meaningful engagement and data-backed results—all while looking stunningly beautiful. Find out more about the webinar platform by booking a demo with us! We’d love to show you how it all works.

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