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What is B2B Demand Generation Marketing?

Jerry Shen
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Demand generation marketing is about creating brand awareness and getting qualified leads for your product by producing a desire in your target audience. For B2B demand generation marketing, your target account is a company rather than an individual.

There are four major categories of potential buyers for a B2B demand gen strategy.

  • Producers create new products/services from a combination of other products/services (think Georgia-Pacific, Asus, United Airlines)
  • Resellers take an existing product and sell it to consumers
  • Governments are some of the world’s biggest buyers
  • Institutions include nonprofits and charities (think Harvard, and Catholic Charities U.S.A.)

Businesses tend to have larger sales volumes, with a higher potential for expansion and up-sells. A demand-generation strategy for businesses requires careful research and planning in order to be successful and result in high-quality leads for sales teams. 

B2B buyers are not a uniform creature. Before starting a demand generation campaign, your marketing efforts need to be aligned with the pain points you are solving for each buyer category. It is important to identify the different decision makers involved in the various types of businesses, and where in the sales funnel your marketing campaign will be a touchpoint on their buyer journey. The type of content that appeals to Contracting Officers and Acquisition Staff for the DoD will certainly be different from something that will capture the attention of Playtex’s Director of Purchasing, for example.

B2B Demand Generation Strategy

A data-driven content strategy will take into account the multiple and varying factors driving new customers and conversion rates. Generating demand for MQLs is the result of generation efforts based on data, not thoughts and prayers ;) For B2B marketing especially, it is critical to measure the metrics of your marketing strategy across multiple channels. Your marketing team has to align with your sales team and create marketing tactics for consistent messaging across account-based marketing, content marketing, social media, and anywhere else outreach to potential customers has proven successful. Building awareness from your demand generation programs will facilitate the sales process with higher lead quality. 

In 2023, B2B demand generation marketing relies more than ever on digital marketing strategies. Short-form video from webinars is one of the hottest trends for B2B marketing, transferring the split-second appeal of TikTok into quick relevant content that grabs paying customers in the B2B field at the top of the funnel. Content creation and marketing automation tools are exploding right now, making it easier than ever to optimize your B2B demand generation strategy with less effort and lower CAC (customer acquisition cost).

Creating demand and brand awareness are obvious goals for a successful B2B demand generation strategy. One oft-forgot but critical goldmine of opportunity, however, lies in existing customers. B2B demand generation marketing is not just about grabbing new customers - it’s also about generating demand from your already-paying customers. They already love and trust you! So who better than your existing customer base, to hear about more new products and areas where your product can help them solve even more pain points? Not to mention that they are a prime source for referrals - invaluable for high-quality lead generation.

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