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Event Marketing

Webinar Landing Page Examples and Best Practices

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Event Marketing

Webinar Landing Page Examples and Best Practices

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Executing a webinar program is typically broken down into three parts: Create, Host, Repurpose. When creating a webinar, you’re designing your run of show and agenda, coordinating with speakers, facilitating conversations with sponsors, and collaborating with internal resources. In short, you have A LOT going on and it's easy to forget about your webinar’s landing page in the grand scheme of things. 

Importance of Your Webinar Landing Page

Every aspect of a webinar, from the delivery to the content, to your webinar promotion plan, works together to create an engaging experience that draws in potential customers and nurtures relationships with existing ones. But what's the first thing your audience interacts with? An often overlooked, yet crucial component – the webinar landing page.

The webinar landing page is your customer’s first interaction with your offer. It lays the groundwork for making the first impression. A poorly constructed webinar landing page can make your brand look unprofessional and reduce credibility you may have in the industry. Let’s dive deep into why webinar landing pages are such a big deal and how they act as your virtual entrance to drive registrations, conversions, brand image, and eventually, your pipeline.

Let's start with the basics! 

The Role of Webinar Landing Pages in Driving Conversions

Think of your webinar landing page as a high-energy, charismatic matchmaker that sets the tone and entices your customers into the webinar. A great webinar landing page operates as your primary conversion driver—enticing visitors to sign up, increasing registrations, and eventually, leading to conversions.

Imaginatively designed landing pages have the power to stir action from visitors, compelling them to register for a webinar they didn't even know they needed. It's your virtual sales pitch, selling the value your webinar brings to the audience before they've set cyber foot in your virtual conference room. By strategically using headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, and explanatory text, your webinar landing page can speak directly to your visitor’s needs and affirm that your webinar is the best route to fulfilling them.

Showcasing Your Brand 

Your brand represents who you are and needs to be reflected in your webinar landing pages. A webinar landing page that successfully encapsulates your brand ethos can help you strike a chord with your audience and create an emotional connection that fosters long-term relationships. 

Your landing page design, copy, and overall presentation should align seamlessly with your webinar brand vision. In fact, the consistency of the branding elements throughout the webinar participant's journey plays a significant role in providing familiarity and assuring visitors they’ve come to the right place.

Showcasing Speakers or Sponsors (Building Credibility)

Showcasing speakers is a fabulous way of leveraging your webinar landing page to boost credibility. By showcasing thought leaders or industry experts who are speaking at your webinar, you’re offering assurance that your content is valuable, impactful, accurate, and worth their time.

In the same vein, sponsors can also add a level of prestige and trust to your webinar. Highlighting them on your landing page can help build the rapport you need to sway an on-the-fence visitor, showing them that your webinar isn't just another run-of-the-mill presentation but an educational and engaging virtual event backed by industry stalwarts.

Leveraging Webinar Landing Pages for Effective CTAs

Of course the goal of having a webinar landing page is to get your target audience to actually register for the webinar. While the primary CTA may not say anything more than “Register Now!” you can (and should) leverage your webinar landing page to drive additional CTAs. In some of the examples below you’ll see how organizations aren’t JUST trying to get visitors to sign up for the webinar, but also interact with other pieces of content. 

Some other CTAs/actions you may want to drive are:

  • Book a demo
  • Product signups 
  • Content downloads
  • Previous webinars to view
  • Chatbot interactions

Aiding Pipeline Growth

Needless to say, a solid webinar landing page can be a critical factor in driving pipeline growth - it’s the number one reason marketers create webinar programs. When people register for your webinar, their details are captured in your sales or marketing systems, and voila, you’ve generated a lead! The attendee’s journey from a prospective lead to a loyal customer finds its inception at your webinar landing page. 

Not only that, now that you’ve captured the lead or contact, through modern integrations with MAPs (marketing automation platforms) and CRMs (customer relationship management platforms), you can get those leads directly into your sales team's hand or begin nurturing them with additional email marketing. 

With all these elements in place, a typical webinar landing page can transform into a magical portal that not only attracts the audience but also encourages conversions. Creating an optimized webinar landing page is a combination of logic, science, and art – blending visual, textual, and psychological elements to create that golden conversion opportunity!

So remember, an impactful webinar lies not just in the quality of content or speakers; it starts much earlier, in the magical realm of webinar landing pages - your unsung hero of your webinar program.

Best Practices for Crafting Superior Webinar Landing Pages

The synchronization of an engaging yet easily navigable User Interface (UI), persuasive marketing strategies, and intuitive psychological tactics are the driving factors behind the creation of an effective Webinar Landing Page (webinar landing page). This interface is a fundamental component in today's digital marketing landscape and plays a critical role in lead generation and conversion. Below we outline an in-depth exploration of best practices for constructing a high-performing webinar landing page.

Exceptional Design Elements

The overall visual presentation of a webinar landing page strikes the first impression on prospective attendees. Implementing a balanced harmony of captivating color schemes, legible font styles, strategically placed images, and the appropriate utilization of whitespace contributes significantly to sustained user engagement and attention retention. The objective is to create a reflection of your brand identity through a sophisticated and decluttered design.

Articulation of your Webinar's Core Details

Precision in communicating the purpose, target audience, and value proposition of the webinar fortifies the foundation of your webinar landing page. A crystal-clear explanation of the webinar's objectives and benefits aids in eliminating any potential confusion for the attendees, guiding them effortlessly towards the registration process.

Speaker Profile Emphasis

The credibility and expertise brought by the speaker act as stepping stones in establishing the trust level of your webinar. Detailed information about their professional background, qualifications, accomplishments, and potential contributions enhances the attendees' overall expectations for the webinar.

Crafting an Engaging Headline

An enticing headline serves as the ultimate hook, reeling in potential attendees with a compelling call-to-attention. A meticulously constructed headline strikes a balance between offering fascination while ensuring it communicates a concise preview of the webinar's value proposition.

Event Countdown Timers

A judicious addition to your webinar landing page would be a countdown timer. This tool inherently creates a sense of urgency and anticipatory excitement among the users. Meant to tactfully prompt users who may procrastinate registration, countdown timers add an undeniable flair of persuasive urgency.

Social Sharing Options

Embedding user-friendly social sharing buttons can extend your webinar's reach exponentially. By providing potential attendees with an easy route to share your webinar within their social network, you lay the foundation for an organic yet powerful promotional campaign, effectively turning attendees into brand endorsers.

Call-to-Action Design

The Call-to-Action (CTA) design requires a fine blend of artistic flair and strategic insights. Every attribute of the CTA - from the choice of words to the color, size, and location of the button, needs to work harmoniously to extrapolate a compelling action from the attendees.

Registration Form, Date, and Time

A potent webinar landing page ensures transparency and user-convenience when it comes to registration and scheduling details. The registration form may ask for demographic information to personalize the user experience without overwhelming the users with unnecessary fields.

Unambiguously expressing the date, time, and timezone of the webinar protects potential attendees from any possible confusion or oversight, ensuring they can attend the webinar as per their convenience.

In summation, adhering to these comprehensive best practices when designing a webinar landing page can ensure an engaging customer journey from visitation to registration, augment lead generation, and drive successful conversion rates. A superiorly crafted webinar landing page is indeed a powerful instrument in an organization's digital marketing ensemble.

Best Webinar Landing Page Examples

This all sounds great, but you probably want to see examples of what a good webinar landing page actually looks like. Well we’ve curated the top 10 examples of high quality webinar landing pages.

  1. Welcome 
  2. LeanData 
  3. Motion 
  4. Sonar
  5. Webflow
  6. Miro
  7. Canva
  8. Superside
  9. Mutiny
  10. Hootsuite


Welcome is webinar software designed for the modern marketer. Welcome enables marketers to seamlessly design, host, and repurpose webinars, virtual events, workshops, customer events and more. We’re using two examples from Welcome below.

Webinar Landing Page Example: Evolve 23’ Webinar Landing Page

Why we like this webinar landing page example:

  • Instantly generates credibility: Highlighting recognizable key leaders in the marketing industry as soon as you land on the page.
  • Clear and concise description: Right off the bat, Welcome makes it clear what the event is about and what it's for, with a CTA immediately underneath. Welcome does not make the registrant hunt.
  • Value proposition: As you scroll the page, there is more context provided about the value you’ll get by joining this webinar/viewing on demand so the registrant knows what they’ll be getting. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: Rebound - Helping Marketers Bounce Back

Why we like this webinar landing page example:

Branding: The custom brand for this event makes it feel light and welcoming

Panelist and speaker layout: A simple layout highlighting the speakers and their area of expertise. Again, creating credibility in the space for the target audience. 

Resources section: Your webinar landing page doesn't JUST need to be about driving registration, you can provide value to your audience immediately by hosting content and resources on the page. This also helps attract people AFTER the webinar and drive more people to watch on demand.


LeanData is revenue orchestration software that allows revops and revenue generating teams to orchestrate people, process, and plays in order to close deals faster and drive revenue.

Webinar Landing Page Example: LeanData Getting Started Webinar

Why we like this webinar landing page example:

Concise and to the point: As a webinar series designed to be educational and act as a training resource, it's important to get right to the point which LeanData does a great job of. 

Resources section: LeanData makes great use of the bottom half of the page to highlight other resources or content that could be relevant to the user. 

Only four fields: Having a short form to fill in increases the likelihood of someone registering.


Motion is a software company that helps bridge the gap between media buyers and creatives. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: 

Why we like this webinar landing page example:

Big headline: It's clear what it is, and who its for with the subheading

Great design: Good use of bellyband design to provide context without cluttering the page. 


Sonar gives Revenue Operations and Business Systems leaders the visibility and documentation needed to make Salesforce changes with precision. Spend less time fixing breaks and more time delivering high-growth projects.

Webinar Landing Page Example: Sonar Webinar Collection Landing Page

Why we like this webinar landing page example:

Value: Sonar immediately highlights the value you’ll get out of joining a webinar. 

Content: Sonar highlights not just one webinar, but a collection of webinars and content in an elegant way. 

Chatbot: Sonar makes good use of converting visitors to not just register for an event, but potentially to book sales meetings with. 


Webflow is a website builder and content management system enabling users to build with the power of code - without writing any. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: Webflow virtual conference


Miro is collaboration software allowing people to build, iterate, and design faster. They are a leader in visual workspaces. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: Miro Getting Started Webinars


Canva is an online graphic design tool that marketers and designers use to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: Business Presentations Webinar


Superside is a “creative as a service” solution built for marketers and creative teams. They help connect companies with other creatives. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: Superside Gather & Grow


Mutiny is a solution that makes it easy to target and convert B2B buyers on your site with no code web personalization. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: Surv-ai-vor Virtual Event


Hootsuite is a social media management solution that enables marketers to schedule, publish, manage, and track their social media accounts and content. 

Webinar Landing Page Example: 

Tools for Crafting Webinar Landing Pages 

As mentioned above, an aesthetically appealing and content-rich webinar landing page can significantly amplify webinar participation. Nevertheless, creating a stellar webinar landing page demands the right set of tools. Let’s dive into an exploration of various tools useful in building high-performing webinar landing pages - Webflow, WordPress, HubSpot, and integrated features within webinar software like Welcome.


Overview: Webflow is a modern website builder that offers dynamic, visual web design capabilities. It provides a seamless interface where you can craft custom webinar landing pages without intricate coding.


  • No Coding Required: Webflow offers a robust, no-coding platform, enabling users to execute complex design tasks intuitively. 
  • Interactivity and Animations: Webflow features advance design elements which allow rich interactivity and animations, increasing the chance of visitor engagement.
  • Responsive Design: The platform enables users to design webinar landing pages that are responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.


Overview: WordPress is a popular website development platform, similar to webflow, enabling users to create landing pages using a vast array of plug-ins and themes.


  • Extensibility: The major draw of WordPress is its comprehensive assortment of plugins, extending platform capabilities.
  • Pricing: WordPress offers a cost-effective solution ranging from free plans to paid ones, catering to varying webinar landing page creation needs.


Overview: HubSpot provides a dedicated landing page tool which allows you to build personalized webinar landing pages that align with your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).


  • Integrations: Being a part of HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform, the landing page builder integrates seamlessly with Hubspots marketing automation platform and features. 
  • Personalization: HubSpot’s builder allows you to customize content based on visitor data, providing a unique user experience.
  • Ease of use: Hubspot's landing page builders are less advanced than those of Webflow or Wordpress, but easier to use with intuitive drag and drop interfaces.


Overview: Welcome is a webinar platform that enables you to create, host and repurpose webinars, virtual events, customer events, panel discussions, and more. As a leading webinar software provider, Welcome has created their own webinar landing page builder. 


  • Streamlined Process: With Welcome handling the event creation process from start to finish, you can streamline your entire webinar program and process by using an all-in-one solution like Welcome.
  • Automated Branding: Landing pages created on Welcome will automatically pull in your brand colors and logos from the administration panel giving you a beautiful landing page in seconds. 
  • Simple Drag and Drop Interface: Similar to Hubspot, Welcome has an easy to use drag and drop interface. 
  • No internal resources: Because the entire webinar creation process is contained within Welcome’s webinar software, there’s no need to get other stakeholders involved. 

While there are myriad tools at your disposal, the choice hinges on your business requirements, budget, design aptitude, and time constraints. Equipped with the right tool, crafting the perfect webinar landing page could amplify your webinar's reach, engagement, and return on investment significantly.

Convert Visits into Revenue

We hope that these best practices and examples can kickstart your progress on building your own webinar landing page. Just like a normal landing page, ensuring you have the right copy, design, and a compelling offer will help you convert visitors of your webinar landing page to pipeline, and ultimately revenue.

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