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October Product Updates: Passwordless Login and More!

Anne Balistreri
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Welcome exists to help you bring the best event experience to your producers, attendees, and speakers. And we've been working hard to create new features that do just that. Keep scrolling to see what’s new this month and what improvements we've made 👇.

Passwordless Login

Hate managing passwords? We feel your pain. Enter Passwordless Login.

Since it can be hard for attendees, speakers, and even event producers to remember their Welcome password, we've enabled  them to log in to a Welcome event with a "login magic link."

Now, when attendees log in with their email address, they are sent a "login magic link".  Clicking that link will authenticate them and take them into the event. No password necessary!

*We are not removing passwords entirely but instead leaving passwords as a backup method for authenticating with email.

Additional updates

  • Each Lounge Room can now accommodate 500 attendees in "watch" mode.
  • Speaker enhancements: Speakers are able visit closed tracks in multi-track events and can set their language preferences.
  • Japanese has been added to list of languages that the Welcome Platform can be translated into.

We've got your back

We’re constantly updating our help desk to make sure your most burning questions are answered. This month, we walk you through the following:

Got any product feedback or feature requests? Let us know by emailing us.

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