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Support Hybrid Events with Welcome's Mobile Web App

Anne Balistreri
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After 20 months of living through the pandemic, social distancing rules have relaxed. Offices are inviting workers back, and event organizers are planning in-person events again.

However, we're not necessarily going back to life as we knew it. We're seeing a huge shift to hybrid events and meetings for 2022. As organizations and companies apply the most successful elements of virtual events to in-person experiences, the hybrid event trend will only continue.

At Welcome, virtual events are kind of our thing. We created our event platform to solve a very real problem faced by event organizers, marketers, and producers. How do you create jaw-dropping and engaging events in an all-virtual world?

As the world of virtual events and meetings embraces hybrid experiences, we’re changing right along with you. We created a better hybrid experience for in-person and virtual attendees, so they can connect with one another instead of being siloed into their own environments.

You can now manage all this and more from Welcome’s brand new Mobile Web App. Let’s take a look!

Welcome's Mobile Web App

Virtual attendees on Welcome have a ton of opportunities to engage with speakers, content, and other attendees. As events and meetings shifted to a hybrid model, we found that in-person attendees don't experience that same level of interaction.

Welcome's Mobile Web App was created to change that.

Available on both iOS and Android, the Web App brings your in-person and virtual attendees together in one space and bridges the engagement gap between both audiences. Mobile users can now watch the event, chat, ask questions, and participate in polls, allowing your entire audience to engage from anywhere.

Use the Web App to reach more attendees with the right content and increase your overall session participation and engagement.

Real-time Live Streaming to Support Interactivity

What makes our Mobile Web App so special?

The majority of streaming content distributors are looking for a “real-time” delivery solution. That’s fast—like, less than 1 second from your screen to your viewers’ screens fast.

Unfortunately, the majority of virtual and mobile audiences experience a delay of 20-45 seconds. Even a short delay deteriorates the engagement level and interactivity of your events.

This isn't the case for Welcome's Mobile Web App. Our app streams ultra-low latency video (< 1 second screen-to-screen delay) to mobile devices. Compared to delays of 20 seconds or more on competing platforms, that’s lightning fast.

Whether attendees watch on their computers or mobile devices, they’ll be streaming and interacting with your content in real time. Say goodbye to awkward, disjointed conversations between virtual and hybrid audiences because both experiences will be exactly the same.

Along with giving mobile users the ability to participate in chat, polling, and Q&A, you can also view post-event analytics that provide deep insight into their engagement. With data from both in-person and virtual audiences, you can see the whole story in your post-event analytics.

Whether attendees are watching your event on the go or attending in-person, the mobile web app enables engagement on a deeper level. Allow your audience to connect, join in, and engage from anywhere with our latest feature.

About Welcome

From the mobile web app to our state-of-the-art production studio, Welcome provides a truly exceptional virtual experience platform that works seamlessly for an event of any size. Welcome also delivers meaningful engagement and data-backed results—all while looking stunningly beautiful. Find out more about the platform by booking a demo with us! We’d love to show you how it all works.

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