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Effortlessly Design Jaw-Dropping Virtual Events with Stage Kit

Anne Balistreri
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Good design creates meaningful first impressions. It helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and boosts brand awareness. It's one of the ingredients that make up a jaw-dropping event.

tells us that it only takes a blink of an eye to size up another person, a similar thing can be said for first impressions of your brand too. Your attendees can size you up quickly so you want to make sure your event's first impression will be a positive one. One that will draw them back to you and make them remember you.

Captivating and thoughtful design is often a designer's responsibility. At Welcome, we have all the tools a designer would need to create an event experience your attendees will remember. But what happens if you don't have time or resources for professionals? That's where Stage Kit comes in. 

Welcome Stage Kit

Welcome to Stage Kit

Don't let design become the bottleneck to your event. Stage Kit allows you to create assets like a professional–without hiring one. Overlays, titles, and lower-thirds are easily created within Welcome. Graphics aren't the only thing that can be created within Stage Kit either. Drop-in royalty-free media assets like hype videos and music too. With Stage Kit, you have everything you need to design and produce your event like a pro.

“When planning an event, design is always part of the equation. However, bringing design to life in a virtual environment isn’t easy”, explains our CEO and Co-founder, Roberto Ortiz. “Stage Kit makes it possible to elevate and enhance every minute of an event. From dropping in a beautifully high-energy video to kick off the event, to designing overlays for key points throughout the experience. Now, Welcome customers can deliver an experience that looks professionally produced in just a matter of minutes. It’s game-changing.”

Welcome Stage Kit

Stage Kit Benefits and Features

  • Take your event to the next level by having access to license- and royalty-free assets for sample backgrounds, music and hype videos.
  • Don't hide behind a slide. Create custom overlays that present your content on screen right alongside you.
  • Make your event look professional by adding lower-thirds and right-side gradient slides.

About Welcome

From Stage Kit to our state-of-the-art production studio, each of Welcome’s features adds up to provide a truly exceptional virtual experience platform. One that not only works seamlessly for an event of any size but delivers meaningful engagement and data-backed results—all while looking stunningly beautiful. Find out more about the platform by booking a demo with us! We’d love to show you how it all works.

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