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Event Marketing

What is a Content Marketing Package?

Jerry Shen
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Event Marketing

What is a Content Marketing Package?

Jerry Shen
min read

What is a Content Marketing Package?

A content marketing package is a type of marketing package developed by content marketers that focuses on delivering content for a company’s content creation needs. Content marketing packages can be offered by individuals, or content marketing services agencies. The package can vary in size and complexity, depending on what is desired. Most content marketing packages will include infographic assets in addition to written copy, that support a carefully thought-out marketing plan.

Why do you need a content marketing package?

If a target audience is not aware that a business exists, that business cannot succeed. Content marketing packages are important because they provide high-value content which drives brand awareness and lead generation to convert potential customers into paying clients. Content marketing offers quality of content + quantity of distribution for maximum ROI on marketing efforts. Some companies may hire in-house staff to work on their content marketing strategies. They may also opt to hire an agency that offers content marketing packages.

What should be included in a content marketing package?

A solid content marketing package will target four main goals:

  • Increasing web traffic
  • Creating and expanding brand awareness
  • Establishing subject matter expertise
  • Facilitating higher lead conversion rates

Content marketing packages should be tailored for a specific business product and its ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). A digital marketing agency will examine the SERP (search engine result page) of existing content, conduct keyword research and audit current company rankings, then develop a marketing strategy to develop the types of high-quality content that will increase search engine optimization metrics. Strong content marketing strategy involves creating an editorial content calendar targeting specific buyer personas through the marketing and sales funnels. There are six common types of content that can be included in a content marketing package.

  • Videos (webinars)
  • Example: Welcome hosts frequent webinars with qualified SMEs to create high-value content that can be viewed and used in multiple different marketing channels.
  • Social Media Posts
  • Example: Welcome’s Rebound event for marketers leveraged both video and social media on Linkedin, to increase organic traffic.
  • Blogs
  • Example: Welcome’s company blog provides frequently updated educational resources, product insights and helpful advice for B2B business marketing.
  • Website landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Example: Welcome encourages blog site visitors to sign up for The Drip company newsletter.
  • Emails
  • Example: Welcome’s content marketing team stays in touch with new and current customers by emailing company news, access to exclusive offers and product updates.

After conducting market research, content marketers will develop written assets and provide content in the form of graphics, videos/webinars, customer quotes, tag lines and ebooks, in a comprehensive content marketing package that takes into account when and where to place the content to maximize visibility and help generate MQLs.

A good content marketing package will be scalable and measurable, gauging some of these KPIs:

  • New visitors versus return visitors
  • Bounce rates
  • Subscribers and churn
  • Time spent on landing pages
  • Overall website traffic patterns
  • Email open and engagement rates
  • Social media analytics
  • Search rankings.

How much does a content marketing package cost?

The price of a content marketing package can vary widely, depending on how deep in scope a company wishes to invest in content, strategy and PPC advertising. While it is possible to hire a college student to develop basic content for articles on a website, full service content marketing packages from professional agencies can take up the majority of a company’s marketing budget. It is important to do your research before hiring any individual or company. Comparing competing packages, obtaining customer referrals, checking independent online reviews and examining portfolios for proven results, are good places to start.  It is also advisable to check in frequently once a hire has been made, to see the ROI of the content marketing package.

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