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Best Webinar Titles

Jerry Shen
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Best Webinar Titles

5 tactics to convert your webinars into ROI with webinar titles

Webinars are great educational tools – but did you know they are also fast becoming a must-have sales tool in webinar marketing and lead generation? What’s the point of a great virtual event if no one is interested, though?  Your webinar title is your front line and it has to grab attention immediately to be effective. Here are 5 great tips to capture your audience and increase conversion and click-through rates, using just your webinar title!

  1. Your webinar title needs to be short and to the point to capture your target audience’s attention. The title of your webinar should be between 50 to 70 characters. Make sure each word is relevant to your audience. A long webinar title will not only bore your target, but the algorithm can also cut you off in search engines and social media.
  1. Practice, practice, practice! Test your webinar title. Brainstorm a few different webinar titles on the same platform, and see which one performs better - use your most catchy webinar title for higher conversion rates on your landing page and increased webinar registration numbers.
  1. Think about the environment - no, not the Greta Thunberg one (although everyone should think about that) - here, we are talking about the environment surrounding your webinar title. Is your webinar topic related to something timely that’s happening in the world right now? This isn’t something you should force if nothing is relevant, but if there is a trending event that works with your webinar title, use it!
  1. Before you set your webinar and its title, think about your topic first. Make sure you have product-market fit. If your target audience doesn’t want or need it, you may want to go back to the lab for some tinkering. Online events are a dime a dozen now, so your content marketing should address a concrete need or pain point.
  1. Last but definitely not least, make your target audience think - a great webinar title backed by relevant webinar content, will create an exclamation point or question mark in the head of your target audience.

Use these Webinar Best Practices in your next webinar to create beautiful, successful webinars that captivate and convert. Even if you are a beginner - all entrepreneurs need webinar software that really works.

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