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Announcing: Custom Event Registration Fields

Anne Balistreri
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Your events are unique to your company. Your event registration process should be too!

Many steps need to happen before it's show-time. Getting attendees to fill out a form and sign-up is one of the first ones. When it comes to form design best practices, the phrase “less is more” often rings true. Every extra field you add will affect your conversion rate so you want to be selective and always consider why you're requesting certain information. Sometimes, you may already have the info you need, so for the sake of not being redundant, double-check if that's the case. 

That being said, your events are unique to your company, and your event registration should be too. There will be times where standard fields like name, email, company, and title won't capture the type of information you're hoping to get. That's where custom registration fields come in. 

Custom Registration Fields

Whether the point of your event is to generate leads, close sales or just keep your employees in the loop, having the ability to customize form fields gives you the flexibility to ask for information that can help tailor the attendee's experience. The additional information gathered can help inform your event with breakout preferences, ask an address for a gift, or even be necessary legal consent if you're planning to use their info.

The Nitty Gritty

You no longer need to rely on integrations with other registration software to customize registration fields. With Welcome, producers can add text fields, dropdowns, and checkboxes and determine if those fields should be required or not.

Welcome makes the job of customizing your registration form dead simple. For example, to configure dropdown options, you just need to manage a line-separated text field. If you have a lot of options, you can simply paste them in! Also, Welcome checkboxes are flexible so you don’t have to be. We support multiple hyperlinks which are easy to add, remove or edit during the setup process.

At all times, you know what your registration form will look like because our registration form preview is live and in the same view where you customize your fields.

After an event, attendee responses to your registration form are stored as event data and can be viewed and downloaded in the Attendees’  CSV file on the Welcome Event Dashboard.

About Welcome

From custom event registration to our state-of-the-art production studio, each of Welcome’s features adds up to provide a truly exceptional virtual experience platform. One that not only works seamlessly for an event of any size but delivers meaningful engagement and data-backed results—all while looking stunningly beautiful. Find out more about the platform by booking a demo with us! We’d love to show you how it all works.

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