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10x webinar value & Repurpose Content with AI

Webinar Software for the Modern Marketer

Seamlessly Design, Host, and

Have your cake,
and eat it too



10x webinar value & Repurpose Content with AI

Webinar software for the modern marketer

Seamlessly Design, Host, and Repurpose

Maria Leon Community Lead, Arlo
Deron Smith Community Lead, Arlo

Have your cake,
and eat it too

Host beautiful webinars and
scale your content all at once.

Host Engaging Webinars

Maria Leon Community Lead, Arlo
Deron Smith Community Lead, Arlo

Instantly Create Content

Maria Leon Community Lead, Arlo

Webinar Software That Gets results by repurposing and scaling video content

More Memorable

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading in text. Use Welcome's webinar software to be memorable.

Your Reach

Members on social media platforms like LinkedIn are 20x more likely to share and engage with a video than other types of posts or content.

In Cost Savings

Video editing is expensive and time-consuming. On average, marketers spend $30,000 to $50,000 on production agencies to deliver a few clips.

Platform Overview

Manage your webinar experience from start to finish with Welcome's webinar software, from integrations to registration, and from interactive stage elements to generating short video clips. It’s all here.

"The most impressive video software I've ever seen"
Hunter A., Head of Growth
“The platform has been able to accommodate our growth and a variety of event types throughout the year.”
Tami M., Vice President Marketing
“It's truly the vibe that people want when attending a webinar or online event”
Brendan H., Founder & Advisor


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Frequently asked questions

What is webinar software?

Webinar platforms or webinar software allows you to hold large online gatherings to present information or an interactive experience. Attendees are invited to the webinar leveraging the webinar software’s registration and invitations features. 

During these webinars, depending on the webinar software or webinar platform that you use, attendees can typically interact with the speakers or presenters, ask questions, respond to polls, or network with another using chat features.

How do marketers leverage webinar software and webinar platforms?
What are some types of webinars or use cases?

Marketers leverage webinar software to host a variety of online events or gatherings. Some of the more common use cases include:

  • Product feature announcements
  • Thought leadership panel discussions
  • Community events
  • Workshops and trainings for prospects or customers
  • Virtual conferences
  • AMA’s with industry experts
  • Product demos
How do marketers measure the success of a webinar?

Measuring the success of a webinar depends on the use case and the marketers goals. For example, if you’re using webinar software to host a large product demonstration, product sign ups or meetings booked may be what you want to measure success against. If it's a community event, it could be as simple as the level of engagement during the webinar or virtual event. Many webinar platforms can give you insight into these key metrics.

Some common metrics to measure success are:

  • Registration numbers (leads)
  • Attendance numbers
  • Engagement levels with chat, Q&A, polls, etc
  • Meetings booked
  • Sign ups
  • Pipeline generated
  • On-demand recording/video views
What makes Welcome’s webinar software different?

Welcome is more than generic webinar software, it's an entire webinar platform designed for marketers. It has many features that enable marketers to elegantly brand their webinar or virtual event, integrate with their marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot or Marketo, and provides a modern user interface and experience for both the marketer, and their attendees. 

Furthermore, Welcome is one of the only webinar platforms that automatically creates short form video content from your webinar recording leveraging AI. These videos are fully branded and transcribed after your recording is done processing, equipping marketers with interactive video content to leverage in social media campaigns, email marketing, and other forms of marketing. 

Can Welcome’s webinar software be used for virtual events or virtual conferences?

Yes, many customers leverage our webinar platform for virtual events and virtual conferences. Because Welcome’s webinar software can handle everything from registration and email reminders, to hosting a fully branded live experience, Welcome is often leveraged for many use cases.

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