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A black woman participating in a virtual company onboarding.
Company CEO welcoming new hires on Welcome.
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“Welcome is an experience. Once you try it, everything else feels inadequate—it’s the next level of teams meeting virtually.”

Photo of Tameeka from United

Tameeka Smith
CEO of United Healthcare Community & State

Welcome new employees.

Remote onboarding can be tricky and most employee onboarding solutions leave new hires wanting more. New employees are at risk of feeling disconnected, and organizations are worried their company values are not internalized well in a remote setting. Establish a strong foundation for your new hires and get them off to a fast start by hosting their onboarding on Welcome.

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Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by 70%

New Hire Orientation

First impressions last long, so give your new employees a good one. Create and display an onboarding agenda, so they know what to expect. Start the session with a hype video as new hires join your event. Kick off the day with enthusiasm, making your employees feel welcome and ready to go.

An agenda from an onboarding event hosted on Welcome.

Spotlight Your Culture

Build an understanding of your culture and how work gets done. Introduce company culture through live or recorded video presentations and open the door for questions with Q&A.

An example of a Q&A hosted on Welcome

Boost new employee engagement

Cultivate a sense of belonging from the get-go and foster a more connected and productive workforce. Create breakout sessions, poll employees, host Q&A with leaders, encourage engagement in chat, and snap a team selfie in your company-branded photo booth.

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“We chose Welcome because it’s intuitive, beautifully designed, and made for attendee interaction, making it the perfect way to uplevel our experiences. The chat features imitate Slack, and on-stage Q&A and polling increased audience engagement.”

Ally Masi headshot

Ally Masi
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce

An agenda from an onboarding event hosted on Welcome.

Create moments of connection

Cultivate social interaction through employee experiences like virtual happy hour or virtual dining. Create community and build a broader network across the company by hosting cross-team events with new hires.

Virtual chef teaching taco cooking to a group of people.

Measure engagement from the start

Soliciting new hire feedback improves your relationship by 91% (The Talent Board). Poll your new hires on their onboarding experience and uncover engagement patterns through captured insights. Identify the most engaged employees and key engagement milestones in your meeting.

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“On Welcome, all the engagement metrics are collected automatically based on how your team is participating. Are they actively watching and using the chat? Asking questions? The data doesn't lie.”

Tiger Shen
CTO at Welcome

A screenshot of the analytics dashboard in Welcome

A seamless & secure event experience

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SSO Enabled

Employees can use Okta to securely sign onto meetings and events on Welcome with a single click.

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SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Strict authentication for every user.

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HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II

SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Strict authentication for every user.

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AES-256 Encryption

SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Strict authentication for every user.

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