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Jane Doe

VP of Brand Experiences & Storytelling

Jane Doe

VP of Experiences & Storytelling

Jane Doe

VP of Experiences & Storytelling


Join Underscore VC and the Boston tech ecosystem for Boston Reconnect on May 19-20!

We know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. Another virtual event?” This one will be different. Divided into manageable chunks of time over two days, Boston Reconnect is built for interactivity.
Start the mornings with inspiring stories from well-known Boston startup executives such as HubSpot’s Dharmesh Shah and ezCater’s Stefania Mallett. Then join informative, actionable workshops with like-minded leaders from across the Boston tech space.
You’ll walk away with tangible learnings; the energy that comes with revitalized connections; and the reminder that no, you’re not the only one who finds these crazy things hard. Register today!


Day 1: Wed, May 19
9:00 AM: Boston Reconnect Kickoff and Fireside Chat with Dharmesh Shah, Founder at HubSpot

10:15 AM: Breakout Rooms - Pricing & Packaging,The Future of the Boston tech Ecosystem, How to Get Hiring (and Diversity) Right as you Scale, Scaling Customer Retention & Growth

11:00 AM: "Why Startups Fail" with Tom Eisenmann

12:00 PM: 1:1 Networking

8:00 PM: Core Community Clubhouse Takeover

Day 2: Thurs, May 20
8:00 AM: Workout with the Core Community

9:00 AM: Boston Unicorn Panel

10:00 AM: Breakout Rooms - Maintaining Culture as You Scale, Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in Tech, Applying Lean Startup Approach to Building your Product (PMF), Early-stage Fundraising: Getting the Deal Done

11:00 AM: Breakout Rooms
Embedding FinTech Products into your Platform, Moving up Market: Selling into Enterprise, So You Want to be a Board Member?, Planning the Transition Back to the Office

12:00 PM: Core Awards

Register here!

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