Changing how we work

The shift to distributed work has provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine everything about how we do our jobs, manage our teams and run our business. There’s an opportunity to retain the best parts of office culture, while freeing ourselves from bad habits and inefficient processes. Businesses that do this well will drive employee engagement, achieve organizational agility, maintain alignment, and empower teamwork across all disciplines & locations. They will have a competitive advantage in this new era of work.

Join us on July 21 with Tony Jamous, CEO of Oyster, Chris Herd, Founder & CEO of Firstbase, and Roberto Ortiz, Co-Founder & CEO of Welcome, as they share their insights on the power of remote work and how they’re leading distributed teams while empowering engagement and collaboration.

Thursday July, 21, 1pm EST
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Tony Jamous

Founder & CEO

Tony Jamous is the Founder & CEO of Oyster, the Global employment platform. Tony, originally from Lebanon, left the country during a violent civil war to work on his lifelong passion for technology. Tony’s passion is enabling talented individuals, especially in emerging economies, to access the best career opportunities in the world without the need to leave their families and communities behind and emigrate. It is where the idea of Oyster was born. After successfully building and exiting Nexmo, Tony founded Oyster, a Global employment platform that takes care of the complexities of employing people located in other countries internationally. Oyster is on a mission to not only become a thriving, fully distributed company itself but also to help organizations and workers everywhere realize the benefits of work without boundaries.

Chris Herd

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Herd is the founder and CEO of Firstbase, an all-in-one provisioning platform that lets companies provide all the practical equipment remote workers need at the touch of a button. He believes that remote work empowers workers to do deep focused work without distraction.

Previously, Chris founded a remote-first FinTech startup and installed physical equipment in the most remote environments on the planet.

Roberto Ortiz

Co-Founder & CEO
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Roberto Ortiz, Co-Founder and CEO at Welcome, is on a mission to help companies reimagine how they gather, engage, and inspire their employees. Prior to Welcome, Roberto led product design at Google, Yahoo, and Lockheed Martin.

Having roots in Puerto Rico, being raised in Philadelphia, and running up the Silicon Valley ladder, he's developed a conviction to drive the conversation on changing how we work. He believes that remote work is the biggest catalyst to empowering belonging. Roberto currently lives in Puerto Rico with his growing family.

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