Welcome Nominated for 2021 Webby Awards

What do Disney, Netflix, and Welcome have in common? Besides creating jaw-dropping moments for our customers, we’re all nominees for the 2021 Webby Awards. That's right, "we made it mama!"

The Webby Awards, which recognizes excellence on the Internet—from websites and apps to videos and advertising—announced its nominees this week. Welcome made the shortlist for the best Software Service & Platform under Event Management.

I would have never imagined that one year after writing our first line of code, that Welcome would have the honor of being nominated alongside some of the most innovative brands in the world. Yet, here we are!

Friends, customers, and supporters of Welcome have until May 6th to vote and help get us to the finish line!

Voting for Welcome takes seconds.

Having been a product designer my entire career, I've developed an obsession for quality, design, and experience. When I walk into a space, I tend to notice the details that are felt but not discussed. The volume of the music. The thread count of the dinner napkin. The margin created to help catalyze human connection. Those details don't happen by accident; a host, producer, or designer meticulously puts them in place to drive the desired outcome for their guests. Those are the magic moments we all look forward to. 

At Welcome, we've developed the same level of obsession. We meticulously consider the details. We think about the experience first, because it matters.

We believe that when designed well, technology has the ability to disappear and let those magic moments take center stage.

Regardless of whether we win a top prize, today we celebrate. I lift a toast up to my team who have become one with our customers. You spent your weekend making our polling feature jaw-dropping. You logged on at 3AM to make sure the customer event overseas goes off without a hitch. Most importantly, you show up every day ready to serve and do your best work. Thank you.

This is only the beginning. We have a long road ahead of us, but let this nomination be a reminder that you're creating something special.


Roberto Ortiz, Co-founder and CEO, Welcome